Renal Progenitors and Kidney Regeneration

The abstract submission deadline will expire on May 22nd, 2016.

The official language of the Meeting is English, presentations will be delivered in English and no translation service will be provided.

Communications should concern aspects of renal progenitors and kidney regeneration.

All abstracts must be submitted by mail to:

You will receive an e-mail confirming our receipt of your abstract.

Submitted abstracts must describe unpublished work which is not already in press and which is not awaiting possible acceptance by any other society that publishes its proceedings. Abstracts body must include 350 words excluding Author and affiliation.

The presenting Author of each accepted abstract will be notified by email by 15th May 2016. Some abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. If the Presenting Author is unable to present the abstract, another co-author can take his/her place.

Maximum size is 100 x 70 cm (HxW).